Going Cruelty Free

I’ve been making the move the last couple of years to go completely cruelty free with my kit. However, I’ve had to do some real research into the products to ensure they’re up to the job for a hot summer’s wedding day!

There’s also a lot of ‘green washing’ in the cosmetic industry with brands saying they are cruelty free but in fact this just relates to the finished product. Look further and you’ll see that they can’t guarantee that the ingredients haven’t been tested on animals. As well as this, if the brand ships to China, well, we’ve got an issue as cosmetic testing is mandatory for cosmetics that enter the country. It’s a tricky minefield for a Makeup Artist to navigate.

So as you can see, there’s been so much to think about but I’m pleased to say that my kit is now almost 100% cruelty free. Why not 100%? Well there’s about 20% left now from brands that are ‘questionable’. By chucking it all away, it would be very wasteful and environmentally unfriendly so I have been replacing the items as and when they run out with ‘bunny friendly’ replacements. I am also very conscious on the environment and so will avoid plastic as much as I possibly can! Thankfully a lot of empty make up containers and packaging can be recycled.

All products that I now purchase and that make up the majority of my kit are on the Peta approved list. That way I can ensure that the companies take their brand seriously enough to be registered. Many of the products in my kit are also vegan so if that is essential for you too, no problem just let me know.

Hopefully one day soon we won’t even have to question about whether a product is cruelty free or not. Until that day comes, making changes in my kit and going cruelty free is definitely something high on my agenda at Gloss.

My Trusted Makeup Kit

My brides love my makeup kit and get very excited at their trials to see it!

I have used a lot of different brands over the past 12 years – 1000’s probably but I have my trusted favourites. Firstly, I do not believe that one brand does every single perfect product so I do use a variety of brands. This ensures that I am using the absolute best for my clients. It has to last the whole day and even the next morning for those party brides!

My favourite brand that fills up a lot of space in my makeup kit is Charlotte Tilbury. I adore her makeup and the makeup looks she herself produces.

Maybe it is because she is a makeup artist so she knows what works but I love her products. I use them in my kit and in my own personal makeup kit – so there’s a testament. Her brand is well formulated, doesn’t contain nasties, is cruelty free and it just goes on superb on the skin. The packaging is just gorgeous too.

My style of makeup is natural beauty. That can mean quite different things to different people. For some natural beauty is ‘barely there’ and for others it can be more makeup but applied in natural tones etc to still look not overdone.

My aim is always and has always been to make you look like you but a ‘more polished version’ as my brides would say.

Book a trial in with me and then you too can marvel at my kit! 🙂

Louise’s Floral Whimsical Wedding

When I met Louise at her trial I immedietely knew what type of hair and makeup she would like. Low and behold as we began to chat, she picked exactly what I thought she’d love! Louise’s wedding was in Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

For Louise’s hair, we went for very soft waves and a loose plait going around the back of her hair. I tried to create a hairstyle that looked as if it had been created on a relaxed summer’s day in a beautiful garden – but with more staying power of course! Louise’s selection of fresh flowers to go in her hair was stunning, I love it when a bride gives me full freedom to create a floral masterpiece and gives me a bunch of unknown flowers to work with!

Makeup wise, we kept it super natural for Louise and aired on the side of creating a pretty makeup look. With natural glowing skin, fresh tones and natural enough to match her hairstyle, it all tied in perfect together.

Louise said:

“Hayley did such beautiful hair and make up for myself and my bridesmaids. I wanted natural, boho style hair and natural, glowing make up which is exactly what she did. I have fine hair but it lasted all day and I loved how beautifully she arranged the flowers in all our hair! Thank you Hayley xx”

Here’s some images of Louise’s special day:

Ruth’s Relaxed Flowery Bridal Hair

As soon as I met Ruth at her trial and saw the pretty selection of flowers she had to go in her hair, I got excited. With flowering rosemary and classic gypsophila amongst the pretty floral mix, I had a good variety to choose from.

For Ruth’s hair, I gave her strong waves and a nice chunky plait around her crown. I then picked from the beautiful flowers to place in her hair, which all complimented each other very well.

For Ruth’s sister, she also had long waves and I incorporated some flowers to match into her hair too.

Here’s a selection of images by Ems Gearing Photography of Ruth on her wedding day in Sussex:

Mariamah’s Lewes Wedding Hair and Makeup

For makeup, we kept it simple, natural and beautiful. Her bridesmaids hair was a treat to do as the flowers I was given to work with, were amazing! I love eucalyptus and so I was very lucky to be able to play with it that wedding morning.

I actually bumped into Mariamah recently, which is always nice when it happens. She was over the moon with what I did so mission accomplished! 🙂

Here’s some pictures from her wedding day courtesy of Abigail Rex Photography who did a marvellous job I think you’ll agree.

Remember, if your wedding is in Lewes, I’m local! So that means no travel costs, which is always a big help!

Abigail Rex Photography


Hannah’s LGBT Wedding Hair and Makeup in Sussex

I recently had the pleasure of doing Hannah’s hair and makeup for her wedding day at Kingscote Estate, Sussex. Hannah and her wife to be, both didn’t know what the other where having. When I saw them next to each other in their photos, there were definitely similarities with their hair.

These two love birds even went on holiday and were both planning to propose to each other! Without a doubt, seeing their love for each other, these two are meant to be.

For Hannah’s hair, I did some loose waves with a simple chunky plait either side. Her makeup was kept nice and natural as she didn’t usually wear any. Her hair and makeup went perfect with her dress!

I have had 4 LGBT weddings this year so far and have loved every minute of each one. It’s so wonderful to see all the details that go into the weddings, particularly when their are 2 brides involved! Imagine both picking the same dress!

Here’s a couple of pictures of Hannah and Kerrie on their wedding day looking beautiful together. Photos by Hannah of www.lgbtphotos.co.uk

Hannah Brackenbury