Bridal Fashion Trends 2018

It’s always exciting to see what trends will be chosen every year. Things have become very relaxed now and I wouldn’t say there are particular ‘themes’ as such anymore. A few years ago, when vintage was huge, brides would say their theme was vintage. Whereas now, brides take inspiration from lots of different sources and that’s really exciting.

It’s always a joy to tie in with bride’s ideas and really convey their personality with their hair and makeup.

Here are some 2018 bridal fashion trends that I think will be pretty big this year.


I love boho inspired dresses, those with lots of lace and guipure. The sort of flowy dresses with angel sleeves, empire waistlines and indeed still the dropped waistlines such as 1920’s style.

I think we’ll see much more of this type of bridal fashion this year. I love designers such as Claire Pettibone and Grace Loves Lace. Their dresses are whimsical, dreamy and relaxed. Natural materials such as hemp and bamboo are also becoming more mainstream as brides become more environmentally aware.

Veils and more

I love a flower crown, whether it be a full crown or partial, there is something about them that makes a statement of natural beauty. I believe this will continue more with brides experimenting with different foliage and headwear this year.

Veils are becoming even more unique with such an eclectic mix of different veils now available.

How will these styles influence bridal hair and makeup?

Well without a doubt these sort of fashion trends lends themselves incredibly well to the quest for enhancing natural beauty. Think more braids and plaits with the plight of the ‘done, undone’ hairstyle gaining increasing popularity. These soft romantic styles make the perfect stage for floral hair accessories.

Fresh natural beauty with soft contouring will be an ideal complement to these fashion trends. With a focus on subtle smouldering eyes with soft colour pops on the cheeks and lips, makeup will certainly be a beautiful addition to these bridal looks.

I still have some availability for Summer 2018, so please get in touch if you are looking for wedding hair and makeup in Sussex.

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