Flower Crown Brides

I first stumbled across flower crowns about 5 years ago when they were starting to become popular with brides. Over the years, I have often used flowers in bridal hair as they are just so stunning and complement hair so well. However, flower crowns are the next level and really add something so whimsical to a bride’s overall look.

Here is one of my beautiful brides Lily without her flower crown and relaxed updo by me.

Always wanting to learn more and add to my skills, I undertook some floristry training last year with the wonderful Georgia at the Sussex Flower School. Not only did I learn how to make flower crowns but also corsages and hand-tied bouquets. I loved it and it really gave me a fantastic insight into these wonderful bridal hair accessories.

If you are considering having a flower crown on your wedding day, here are some points to remember:

Fresh or dried?

Fresh flower crowns are stunning with a fabulous array of different colours but you can also get dried flower crowns. Dried flower crowns have their own charm and have a very rustic feel to them. However, just bear in mind that although dried flowers will last longer, they are much more fragile than fresh flowers.

Hair up or down?

Well, this is down to you and a flower crown can certainly work whatever hairstyle you choose. I particularly love them for complementing relaxed ‘messy’ updos with plenty of braids and plaits. However, they can also look super cute with tousled hair with beachy waves. So, give it a go whatever style you would like!

Ribbon or clipped in?

A flower crown can be secured in many different ways. It could have a ribbon attached to the ends allowing it to be tied around the head with a delicate bow. It may even be a full flower crown that is simply placed on top of the head or it could be secured in by using grips on the ends to fix it to the head.

I can help design the perfect bridal hair to go with your flower crown. Not sure if you want one or whether it will go? Let’s talk about it at a trial and see how we can make it work.

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