Going Cruelty Free

I’ve been making the move the last couple of years to go completely cruelty free with my kit. However, I’ve had to do some real research into the products to ensure they’re up to the job for a hot summer’s wedding day!

There’s also a lot of ‘green washing’ in the cosmetic industry with brands saying they are cruelty free but in fact this just relates to the finished product. Look further and you’ll see that they can’t guarantee that the ingredients haven’t been tested on animals. As well as this, if the brand ships to China, well, we’ve got an issue as cosmetic testing is mandatory for cosmetics that enter the country. It’s a tricky minefield for a Makeup Artist to navigate.

So as you can see, there’s been so much to think about but I’m pleased to say that my kit is now almost 100% cruelty free. Why not 100%? Well there’s about 20% left now from brands that are ‘questionable’. By chucking it all away, it would be very wasteful and environmentally unfriendly so I have been replacing the items as and when they run out with ‘bunny friendly’ replacements. I am also very conscious on the environment and so will avoid plastic as much as I possibly can! Thankfully a lot of empty make up containers and packaging can be recycled.

All products that I now purchase and that make up the majority of my kit are on the Peta approved list. That way I can ensure that the companies take their brand seriously enough to be registered. Many of the products in my kit are also vegan so if that is essential for you too, no problem just let me know.

Hopefully one day soon we won’t even have to question about whether a product is cruelty free or not. Until that day comes, making changes in my kit and going cruelty free is definitely something high on my agenda at Gloss.

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