My Trusted Makeup Kit

My brides love my makeup kit and get very excited at their trials to see it!

I have used a lot of different brands over the past 12 years – 1000’s probably but I have my trusted favourites. Firstly, I do not believe that one brand does every single perfect product so I do use a variety of brands. This ensures that I am using the absolute best for my clients. It has to last the whole day and even the next morning for those party brides!

My favourite brand that fills up a lot of space in my makeup kit is Charlotte Tilbury. I adore her makeup and the makeup looks she herself produces.

Maybe it is because she is a makeup artist so she knows what works but I love her products. I use them in my kit and in my own personal makeup kit – so there’s a testament. Her brand is well formulated, doesn’t contain nasties, is cruelty free and it just goes on superb on the skin. The packaging is just gorgeous too.

My style of makeup is natural beauty. That can mean quite different things to different people. For some natural beauty is ‘barely there’ and for others it can be more makeup but applied in natural tones etc to still look not overdone.

My aim is always and has always been to make you look like you but a ‘more polished version’ as my brides would say.

Book a trial in with me and then you too can marvel at my kit! 🙂

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