Winter Skin

As the cold weather engulfs most of the UK this week, the wintery cold snow is playing havoc on our skins. While hopefully pretty short lived, skin takes just as much toll in the winter with the cold as in the summer with the sun.

Less than ideal for a winter bride as well as everyone else. Whether it is taking extra steps to look after your face or following a skincare routine after your shower, there are some things you can do that will really help bring some SOS to the largest organ in your body!


Your face is, well, literally at the coal face for the winter chills. Your face gets blasted when you leave indoors and no amount of hats and hoods can shield it from the cold! Unless you fancy donning a balaclava that this!

Make sure you are moisturising your face morning and night throughout the cold weather. Use a nice rich strong moisturiser at night and a bit of a less intensive one in the morning. I’m currently using my faithful Weleda Skin Food at night like I have done for the past 8 years – it really works! With my morning moisturiser being Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. It’s a little lighter, smells fresh and does not leave much of a residue.

Sore chapped lips? Weleda Skin Food again will really help. Lipstick can dry your lips out so take care when using it and apply a nice primer underneath. Avoid anything with mineral oils in on your lips and if in doubt, coconut oil always helps!


Going from a very cold to very warm environment causes flaky scalps and dry skin. As much as hot showers and baths are very nice this time of year, it can also dry our skin out. So make sure you are moisterising as soon as you get out the shower. Use a nice thick body butter paying close attention to your elbows, knees and ankles.

Hands really take a bashing this time of year even with gloves! So use hand cream after you’ve washed your hands.

My hero product for very dry skin is Barefoot SOS Face and Body Rescue Cream. Weleda Skin Food is also a wonderful deep body moisturiser too.

And remember… It’s spring this month! The end of winter skin is finally in sight 🙂

I take skincare very seriously with my brides so you’ll always get good pre wedding advice from me. Check out my bridal services page here.

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