Woodland Weddings – Top Tips

I love woodland weddings and have been lucky enough to be involved in some wonderful ones. One that particularly stands out for me was back in 2014 for the lovely Tina and Paul’s festival wedding. Every single detail had been taken into consideration and the overall effect was spot on.

For Tina, I gave her short blonde hair some tousled ‘kick’ waves that were really unique. Her makeup was kept natural with a stonger lip. The overall look complimented her gorgeous boho 70’s wedding dress perfectly.

Brighton Photo

Photo by Brighton Photographic

Of course if you are considering a woodland wedding, there are some essential things you need to remember. As fabulous as they are, they take a bit more preparation than your usual wedding!

Here are some key things to remember:

The call of nature

As much as you want to keep the natural vibe, it is unlikely that you or your guests are going to want to hide behind a bush when nature calls! There are a few different options you could consider though to make the experience more comfortable to you and your guests such as portable toilets. They don’t have to be the ugly plastic things that you queue hours for at festivals – unless you want the authentic feel! They also come in cute little wood cabins too.

The elements

When you envisage your wedding day in the woods, you probably think of it being warm, sunny with the bees buzzing around and butterflies landing on you as you say your vows. However, the reality is, rain is never too far away for us over here and it could become pretty messy with mud if it decides to grace it’s presence on the day. How about some decorated wellies as a backup just in case?

The wildlife

Having a woodland wedding means naturally being closer to nature but as lovely as that is, there are some things to take into consideration. It may be a good idea to slap on some moisturiser with mosquito repellant for night time to keep the critters at bay while you dance away. Also take care for nettles too as that could really hinder your day. Scope out some emergency doc leaves just in case!

Woodland weddings are one of my faves to design hair and makeup for. If you are having a wedding like this in Sussex, I can work with you to design the perfect relaxed look. Feel free to send me a message here and let’s chat 🙂

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